Eco Committee

We are proud to announce that we have received our Green Flag Award and have gained the status of an Eco-School. Well done and thank you to all the children and staff who have made this happen.

Our three topics were:

  • Waste – We follow the 5Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Litter – We always use a rubbish or recycling bin.
  • Marine – We are raising awareness of the devastating effects that plastic is having in the ocean.

What have we achieved since we started our Green Flag journey?

  • All our classrooms have recycling bins and the children know which bins to use for what.
  • We carry out regular litter picks and invite parents and members of the local community to join us.
  • We can now recycle all kinds of plastic pens and ink cartridges.
    All our pupils learn about sustainable living during their BRAVE curriculum.

What can you do?

We want our local area to be a place we are proud to live in and call home. Litter looks untidy and is harmful to local wildlife. Please encourage your children to use bins, recycling bins and take your litter home.

Think twice before throwing something away – could you mend it? Recycle it? Upcycle it? The less that goes into landfill, the better for our environment.

We can now recycle our pens and ink cartridges through a company called Terracycle. This will massively reduce our plastic waste. 

Our fantastic Eco Committee work hard to encourage their friends to care for our environment, monitor our recycling and make important decisions about what to do next!

What next?

As well as continuing the well-established, environmentally-friendly daily routines connected to waste, litter and marine; we will soon start to work on a further two topics. These topics will be decided by our Eco-Committee as a result of our latest Environmental Review. Watch this space for more information!

At Westgate Hill, we are passionate about raising awareness about the growing environmental issues and empowering people to make a positive change for the future. Together we can make a difference.