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Transitions play a major role in the development of young people's life decisions and serve as a milestone that can shape their lives in a number of ways. 

Before Arriving at Westgate Hill

All pupils are offered a home visit before they start their Early Years education at Westgate Hill. Staff visit the family home and aim to provide reassurance and begin building respectful relationships between parents and teachers in order to lay the foundation for a positive transition. 

Open days and staggered starts give parents and pupils the opportunity to gradually get used to life at Westgate Hill. 

Primary School Transitions

Pupils are supported with transitions as they make the move from Early Years to Key Stage 1, and from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We ensure staff move across the key stages to meet pupils, share teaching knowledge and build positive relationships. Pupils visit their new classes and engage in exciting activities to make the visit memorable, and build enthusiasm for the next year in school. 

Transition to Secondary School

Moving from primary school to secondary school is an exciting time of life. At Westgate Hill, we aim to make this transition as seamless and stress-free as possible. Teachers work with pupils to develop resilience and coping skills as well as learn to read maps and understand timetables. 

Year 6 pupils are allocated a key worker who will liaise with the secondary school in order to pass on information and ensure that transition work is completed. 

After Leaving Westgate Hill

After pupils have transferred to their next school, our teachers continue to stay in touch with the new school, in order to ensure that the pupil has settled in well and any needs are met. We welcome our former pupils back to visit us at Westgate Hill at any time.